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This is EMBRACE (itive?) thinking...  Saying yes to what is doesn't mean you love it and aren't going to do anything about it.  It just means you are not going to push up against it.  If you don't  just accept... (a term all too often identified with defeat,)  but actually EMBRACE what is, then, in that next moment, you have COMPLETELY RESTORED your freedom and power.


Yes!  I totally nailed that interview!
Yes!  I totally just "snort-laughed" on a first date!
Yes!  I seriously stubbed my toe.
Yes!  I am for sure gonna eat way too many cookies today!
Yes!  I am in no way going to be able to be nice to everyone today!
Yes!  That stupid light turned red exactly as I was not wanting it to.
Yes!  I am the kind of person that can handle all of this!
Yes!  I am absolutely going to have the perfect relationship.

BONUS Scientific Fact:
Although "Yes!" can sound simply positive, it really runs much deeper.  Based on years of hearing, "yes" and "no",  just speaking (or reading) the word immediately signals the nervous system that everything is all right and then we can think clearly instead of through the haze of stress chemicals. We can actually see the choices on the clothing rack of life... and only buy what fits us!


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