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About Leslie

A remarkably successful Life Coach for over 25 years, Leslie’s clients could count on getting what they wanted: the relationship, the money, the house, the health, the success… And yet, something seemed to be missing. That ‘something’, she discovered, is being happy ON PURPOSE: Happy, a deep sense of well-being and freedom after, during, and even BEFORE the relationship, the money, the house, the health, and the success. In her words, “So, several years ago, I became a Happiness Co-Creator. Being happy is the catalyst for living productive, satisfied, purposeful, happy lives---not the other way around.” “Happiness, like walking, is a skill, a habit, and a natural expression of who we are. And because it’s natural to us, because we are built to thrive, it’s soooooo much easier to create and expand our own happiness than we’ve been led to believe. I currently have a client who times herself. She can take herself from any mood to happy in just one minute seven seconds! Learning the habit of being Happy On Purpose, like walking, takes some art and some science. The more we do it, taking even small steps, the more amazing benefits we receive.”


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